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Fifth anyversary of karobardaily


Karobar Economic National Daily celebrated its fifth anniversary at Indreni Banquet, New Baneshwore on December 15, 2014. The cake was decorated with the new layout of Karobar and the formal program followed by cocktail dinner. Karobar celebrated the anniversary with a few renowned and reputed persons from economic/business sector, and TBi Group members. With the permission of guests and chairman, our GCEO Mr. Sanat Neupane started the program where he introduced 11 persons from economic and business sector as the Guardians of Karobar. They  were individually paid respect with a token of love. The Guardians of Karobar were National Planning Commission (NPC) members Dr. Swornim Wagle and Dr. Chandra Mani Adhikari, Former NPC Vice-chairmen Dr. Shankar Sharma and Mr. Dipendra Bahadur Chettri, Former Secretary Mr. Rameshwor Khanal and Mr.Krishna Hari Baskota, senior economists Dr. Bishwombhar Pyakurel, Professor Dr. Madan Kumar Dahal, Dr. Govinda Bahadur Thapa and Dr. Posh Raj Pandey and renowned industrialist Mr. Binod Chaudhary. Editor of Karobar Economic National Daily Mr. Sanjay Neupane welcomed all the guests and promised that Karobar will keep on moving forward with proper guidance from the Karobar Guardians. Chairman of the TBi Group Mr. Bhaban Bhatta said that Karobar has a special place in Nepali economic journalism. “With
previous experiences and ups and downs I expect Karobar to move forward in its journey with good performance. In the past, only politics news got priority in the media but Karobar started to prioritize economic news to promote the economic sector,” he added. He opined that journalism should be taken to the next level in the coming days and everybody should perform with equal responsibility.