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TBi Nepal Celebrates Teej at DMR


TBi Group Nepal organized a Teej celebration program at Dhulikhel Mountain Resort on Wednesday, 31st August, 2016. All the female staff working at TBi Nepal and its associate companies was present for the celebration on that day. A total of 43 female staff from the corporate office of TBi Nepal, Karobar Economic Daily Newspaper as well as Dhuiikhel Mountain Resort was present at the resort to celebrate Teej.

This year, Haritalika Teej, the biggest festival of Hindu women, fell on Sunday, 4th of September. As a part of the festival, a heavy dinner party, popularly known by the name “Dar” is served to the ladies of the house until the midnight in the eve of Teej. After mid-night, the ladies start their 24-hours-long fast which usually is celebrated without eating or drinking anything at all, not even a drop of water. On the day of Teej, women gather together to sing and dance and worship god Shiva praying for the long life of their husbands and their long conjugal life.

The celebration organized at Dhulikhel Mountain Resort resonates to the culture of eating “Dar” before Teej, as hearty snacks and lunch was served to the ladies. As it is customary in Nepali culture to gift items that religiously symbolize for long and happy life, all the participating staff members were offered a small and meaningful gift hamper from TBi Nepal. During the day, ladies also enjoyed themselves by dancing in numerous Teej related songs for the whole afternoon. Later, lunch was served to all before wrapping up the event at 5 pm in the evening. Transportation, for the event, was provided by TBi Nepal to all the participating ladies from their office doors to Dhulikhel Mountain Resort and back.