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Atithi Dewo Bhawa

“Atithi Devo Bhawa”, a major campaign that demands and focuses on the behavioral change, hospitality awareness, minimum standards, and tourism entrepreneurship catalysis is being launched by the NRNA to make Nepal one of the most preferred destinations for adventure, heritage, and social tourism.
ADB is designed mainly to change the stereotypical concept of tourism in Nepal and promote tourism through a common source and sense. ADB is constantly working to bring about a Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) amongst the people.
ADB is constantly working to develop a system to provide minimum tourist information, communication and outreach programs at local levels and necessary handbooks (e-books) containing: Key tourist destinations, Key tourism products (adventure, heritage, religious, home stay, gaming, farm say), Key tourism information (adventure, features, events, expense ceilings, safety etc.), Key information about the desired destination (include strategies such as 10 things you must know about the desired place).
ADB is also in a process to formulate an advocacy to the government about various tourism related agendas such as lack of policy linkages, adequate investment in infrastructures and business development etc.
Meanwhile ADB has already successfully conducted "NAMASTE Campaign",“ Muskan sahit ko Namaskar” (Greeting with Smile) simultaneously from four major tourist hotspots of Nepal: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini amidst tourism entrepreneurs, service providers, and stakeholders so that it will generate more awareness among stakeholders and general public about the value of tourism, will cultivate a culture of hospitality and will bring people of all socioeconomic strata into the mainstream of tourism. And, ADB is currently working for the preparation and design of ADB Identification Badge.

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