Chairman's Message


I start with a pledge: “I will put all energy, efforts, resources, drive, passion and spirits together to continuously establish TBi as one of the fastest growing multi-edge global institution.” And here, ‘I’ means ‘we’, as the entire TBi members join me on this. I have always put organization first and TBi, the Total Business Institute, today is more of an institution, than a company. This all is being done to serve you better.

TBi has no different history of growing from a humble small institution to now today a substantial business hub. Since 2003, we have been learning business and still learning how to sustain and grow further. Some lessons were costly, but I have never regretted. Important is - we learnt. Our competency inventory is the biggest treasure we have today.

While we have moved to future, we haven’t let the past go. We have our feet firm on the ground and our versatility converts past to present to future. We have formed a strong family with an even stronger bonding.
Welcome to TBi community !

In these years of operations and development, we have also established our own organization culture and values that keep TBi alive and alight. These may be best explained through the following three approaches.


Genuineness in business:Business is a transaction or series of it where all parties want to win. The total value proposition recipes matter and defining ‘winning’ for each other is very important. For us, being genuine is first. This has always let them win. While they win, we win. Our genuineness has always paid back in terms of loyalty and this loyalty is our biggest wealth today. Here, them are not only customers, but also stakeholders and value chain members. We belong to them.

Business is business:Toplines-bottomlines matter. Result is key. While efforts also count, results count more at TBi. While we are emotional at the same time, we all love numbers and graphs. We do, and will always, act in Conscious Mode. We are aggressive, we are calm. We take organic moves, we measure inorganic growth. We take calculated moves, and sometimes take chances. But at all times, we keep results, numbers and business sustainability in main context.

More than business: Business is auxiliary to community and environment. Business is never complete in itself. That is why at TBi, we talk about more than business approach. From smart lights to possible rainwater harvesting to responsible disposal to helping education in rural areas to training community on environment to fostering small entrepreneurships to philanthropy to corporate social responsibility, we leave no opportunity unutilized to contribute to the community and environment in all capacities.

One day one Donation, an initiative I started making a donation every day for an entire year with an aim of making philanthropy a part of daily life than an occasion, is today a best practice recognized by many institutions! This is what TBi more than business approach teaches you.

These threads of TBi culture will always grow stronger and enable TBi attain newer sustainable heights.

I am a global citizen but Nepal and Japan have always played a big role in my life and I am always indebted. But the business canvas for me is the globe and as we already have presence in Japan, Nepal, USA, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Belgium, we will very soon earmark many more additional countries and territories in TBi world map. Not to worry, our TBi minimum business standards will ensure the growth is well managed and compliant with TBi Values.

Lastly, I welcome you again to vision led, professional, fast-speed, proactive, result-oriented, responsible, and sustainable organization- TBi.
TBi- a happy organization.

I am available 24 hours at to respond to your ideas, feedbacks, initiatives and views about TBior business or community or global welfare.

We will keep serving you better and better everyday.

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                                                    MINIMUM VISION REQUIREMENT_


Dear Nepal Team,                                              


As we are nearing beginning of a new performance year, I want to reach to you to thank you for all your past endeavors. Whatever we are today, we are because of you.

You may have seen me making business decisions here and there. Yes, we learned a lot but that was a time for new business development. You can see that we have grown a lot in many domains and dimensions. This is a continuous process and I will keep driving it with your support and special involvement of MD Mr. Shisheer. We will keep growing!

But now is a cycle of business excellence we should FOCUS here. This year, we must focus on taking existing businesses to a new height. By height, I mean in terms of productivity, process, innovations and standardization. Professional approaches make a company prosperous and process richness gives a company its sustainability. I have made the following as minimum business requirements and have assigned Group CEO Mr. Sanat to implement this at the earliest and drive this. Hence, your belief in standardization, and support to CEO will make this possible very soon; I am fully assured of it.



  •     NO VERBAL APPROVALS. All approvals must be taken in writing and produced during audit.
  •    A complete business plan ( 1-year detailed plan and 3-year strategy map)
  •    A complete budget ( Revenue, Operations, Expenses, Capex, Projects, Fund Requirement)
  •    Performance Management System implemented (minimum 3 key result areas defined for each employee beforehand, performance appraisal conducted at least once a year)
  •    A Chart of Authority and Organogram (updated at all times)
  •     P/L and financial reports for a month completed before 15th of following month
  •     A management committee at all SBUs for smooth operation and participative management with minimum once a month complete business performance review
  •     Accounting must go electronic and necessary backup as well as consolidation done
  •   Finance Policy must be adopted, finalized, and maintained and bi-annual detailed audit on it from corporate finance.
  •    All key brand-related decisions (logo, campaign, key collaterals, etc) must be made only after clearance from Corporate Affairs.
  •   Statutory checklist prepared by Corporate Legal and units maintaining and updating the same and reporting to Corporate Legal. Non-compliances must be    logged during monthly business performance review meetings. Respective unit heads will be responsible for the same through administration heads.


The list of my desire will be long but for now, let’s achieve this much. But I am very serious about implementation of this and I request you to please print this and have it in your file/notice board as reminder.

Also, let’s work fast. Let’s go by 24-HOUR RULE, i.e. no decisions should be pending for more than 24 hours. Yes, some decisions require time and detailed diligence. In such case, delay/ estimated time should be communicated in advance.

Nepal business is very serious business for us at TBi as it is not only about business, but also about identity. We love Nepal and TBi Nepal must become a remarkable contributor to the economy.

Nepal operations for your Chairman is above business and I will not compromise on any standard. We are a professional organization with high HR values and respect and concern for society. You all are empowered to make decisions good for the organization. If any of you ever come across anything that will tarnish our image and performance, please inform me at .

Yes, your Chairman keeps visiting various countries and scouting a lot of business opportunities, but his eyes, ears, mind, heart, and spirits are always there in Nepal.

I once again re-welcome you to vision led, professional, fast-speed, proactive, result-oriented, responsible, and sustainable organization, your organization- TBi.